Julien Creuzet

Great moment of transport, / body to body / boat on my dunes / boat on your back / hands on our waves / it's beautiful both / ocean flow (…)

09 Feb - 14 Apr 2019

© Julien Creuzet
Julien Creuzet invites us along for a meandering narrative in which sounds — like the phrases from the exhibition title — resound and echo in the form of songs, poetry, performances, videos and installations. In the gallery, an almost hypnotic and sensuous stream of words and images comes alive that is rooted in the artist’s native island of Martinique.

Organic growth and the ‘rhythm’ of the Caribbean are the foundation for the central installation in KIOSK’s dome room: the base for the structure was constructed in 2018 in cooperation with Les Ateliers de Rennes, and is expanded with new extensions here. The work behaves much like a complex mangrove ecosystem from Martinique, with an expansive network of horizontal roots.

The exhibition stands as a single visual and acoustic collage of complementary memories, both personal and collective, a mix of organic, synthetic and technological materials, French and Creole, high and low culture, with occasional political subtexts.

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