Miet Warlop: 'Crumbling Down the Circle of My Iconoclasm'

28 Nov 2015 - 31 Jan 2016

Courtesy: Miet Warlop
KIOSK presents two new exhibitions with works by Miet Warlop (1978, Torhout, BE) and Nel Aerts (1987, Turnhout, BE). Both artists create universes that, in various guises and with different media, leave an immediate, poetic impression. Once immersed in them, the visitor will smile and grin at their ambiguous image worlds, before being left, moved and deserted.

Miet Warlop creates performances, actions and public interventions that stand midway between absurdist theatre and autonomous ‘tableaux vivants’. Warlop creates a visual language in between theatre, dance, and exhibition and freely plays these disciplines off against each other.

Titled 'Crumbling Down the Circle of My Iconoclasm', Warlop’s show at KIOSK presents an installation in which smaller spatial arrangements of objects, props, gestures and performers interact and set out an ever-changing choreography within an exhibition’s set chronology. Like a contemporary iconoclast, Warlop takes over the dome room to visualize her interpretation of the Greek notions of 'eikon' (representation) and 'klastès' (breaker): a process of simultaneous creation and destruction.

In Warlop’s visual universe, all elements are interconnected in an infinitely spinning loop of references that may take the form of a scratch on a record, a plaster cymbal, or a skirt-shaped object rolling in circles on the floor. The different objects are activated during brief interventions, unannounced temporary sculptural installations. The appearance of a new image inevitably coincides with the disappearance or crumbling of other images. Every action or movement adds a visual or auditory mark to the overall picture, resonating through and with the dome room.