Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Mur Brut 09: Bastian Hoffmann


07 Apr - 25 Jun 2017

Mur Brut 09: Bastian Hoffmann – Air
7 April – 25 June 2017

For the Kunsthalle's MUR BRUT project, artists are regularly invited to design a wall in the parking garage at Grabbeplatz 4. Bastian Hoffmann has installed an air pump service station, which any visitor to the garage can use to pump up their car tires.

The service station is connected via a more than 120 meter long hose to a compressor in the Kunsthalle's foyer. Whenever a visitor operates the service station, the compressor starts up with a threatening noise, sucking in the air from the Kunsthalle and compressing it into their car tires. In this site-specific, participatory work, an associative connection with the institution emerges alongside the physical one. Inside and outside become connected via the Kunsthalle and the car wheels.

The art work inherently calls the garage visitors to action. While those making use of the service station are directly involved, the audience in the Kunsthalle is only indirectly integrated. One thus notices the compressor's noises in the Kunsthalle's foyer but hardly takes note of how it sucks up visitors' used air.

At the same time, the work is also of practical use to people driving their own cars. Within the con-text of the exhibition Wirtschaftswerte / Museumswerte at the Kunsthalle, this subsequently opens up questions surrounding air standards, the climate, and the environment.