Frankfurter Kunstverein

Eric van Hove: Atchilihtallah - von der Transformation der Dinge

11 Nov 2016 - 12 Feb 2017

Eric van Hove, The Craftsmen Mustafa Jaouale in Eric van Hove's workshop in Marakesh, 2016
The FKV is presenting the first great institutional exhibition of the Belgian/Algerian artist in Germany.

Van Hove is questioning a post-material understanding of property and wealth, as well as a resource-oriented approach in between global economic correlations and local fabrication, industrial mass production and manual craftsmanship. In his works he renders social processes and coherences visible by combining concept art, social-political research, activism and alternative economy.

The exhibition will present collaboratively produced prototypes of motorcycles and everyday objects. During the course of the show, the FKV will be transformed into a functional, open laboratory, in which van Hove’s studio and its eleven craftsmen will be relocated to Frankfurt.