Frankfurter Kunstverein

Simon Dybbroe Møller: Appendix

27 Mar - 14 Jun 2009

Simon Dybbroe Møller: "Mass, Weight and Volume (Fallen into Place)", 2008
Francesca Minini, Milano
Photo: Agostino Osio
Courtesy Francesca Minini, Milano und Galerie Kamm, Berlin
Simon Dybbroe Møller: Appendix

27.03. - 31.05.2009
Opening: 26.03.2009, 7 pm

The first comprehensive solo exhibition of the Danish born artist Simon Dybbroe Møller (*1976) will be held in Germany at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in collaboration with Kunstverein Hannover. Møller studied at the Städelschule in Frankfurt and had his first show in the project space of the Kunstverein when he was still a student in 2003. Since then he has been awarded prestigious stipends and prizes and has been gaining international attention through his participation in numerous exhibitions. His work will be presented at the Turin Triennale in 2009.

Møller will create new comprehensive site-specific works in Frankfurt as well as in Hannover. The exhibition in Hannover will also present an overview of his works from the last five years, spread out over seven rooms in the gallery. In his drawings, photographs, sculptures, videos, interventions and installations, he looks for perfection within the accidental and evokes the imperfect within precision. Pronounced humour, meticulous observation and a seductive language of forms, ensures that his conceptual works are multi-layered in content and visually attractive at the same time. That which one first encounters changes within Møller’s exhibition into something entirely different. However, this does not occur by means of deception but rather by playing with expectations as well as the cultural-historical stance that is inherent within the viewer each. This is always responsible for what and how we are able to perceive.

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