Nancy Spero

Nancy Spero
1926 born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Lives in New York, United States

1944-45 University of Colorado, Boulder
1949 School of Art Institute of Chicago
1949-50 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris

Solo Exhibitions

1950 New Trier High School, Winnetka, Illinois
1958 Nancy Spero/Leon Golub, Indiana University, Bloomington
1962/65/68 Galeria Breteau, Paris
1971 Artaud Paintings, University of California at San Diego
1973 Codes Artaud, AIR Gallery, New York
1974 The Hours of the Night and Torture in Chile, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
1976 Torture of Women, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
1979 Real Art Ways, Hartford, Conneticut
Notes in Time on Women, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
1980/81 University/College galleries in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York
1981 The First Language, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
1982 University/College galleries in Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont
Vietnam War, Nancy Spero/Leon Golub, Tweed Arts Group, New Jersey
Galerie France Morin, Montreal
1983 Simultaneous 3 gallery exhibition:
War Series, Gallery 345/Art for Social Change, Inc., New
York (catalogue)
Black Paintings, Paris and Codex Artaud, 1971-1972,
A.I.R. Gallery, New York
Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
Willard Gallery, New York
1984 Matrix Gallery, University of California, Berkeley
Riverside Studios, London
The Black Paintings, Bergman Gallery, University of Chicago
1985 Nancy Spero: Recent Work, Lawrence Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia
Nancy Spero: The Black Paris Paintings 1959-1966,
Hewlett Gallery, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh (catalogue)
Powerhouse Gallery, Montreal
S.L.Simpson Gallery, Toronto
COCA Space, Seattle
Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
1986 The First Language, Continuum, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich
Nancy Spero/Leon Golub, Greenville County Museum of Art,
South Carolina (catalogue)
Josh Baer Gallery, New York
Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
1987 Sheela and the Dildo Dancer, Josh Baer Gallery, New York
Lawrence Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia
S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto
The First Language, Washington Project for the Art, Washington DC
ICA, London travelling to Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
and Orchard Gallery, Derry (catalogue)
Nancy Spero: Works since 1950's, Everson Museum of Art,
Syracuse travelling to Museum of Contemporary Art,
Chicago; Mendel Gallery, Saskatchewan; MIT, Cambridge;
The Power Plant, Toronto; New Museum of Contemporary
Art, New York (catalogue)
1988 Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin (in conjunction with Leon Golub)
War Paintings: 1966-1970, Josh Baer Gallery, New York
The Artaud Series: 1969-70, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York
War Series 1966-1969, Artaud Paintings 1969-70, Rhona
Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
Terrain Gallery, San Francisco
Barbara Gross Gallery, Munich
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
1989 S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto
Works from 1956-1962, Josh Baer Gallery, New York
Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
1990 Haus am Waldsee, Berlin Travelling to Kunstverein, Bonn and
Gemeentemusuem, Arnhem
Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
1991 Small works, Artaud Paintings, Barbara Gross Galerie, Munic
Josh Baer Gallery, New York
Works on paper 1981-1991, Salzburger Kunstverein and Kunstlerhaus, Salzburg
Nancy Spero in der Glyptothek: Arbeiten auf Papier 1981-1991
Glyptothek am Königsplatz, Munich
1992 Nancy Spero, Ulmer Museum, Ulm
1993 Nancy Spero Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville
Golub/Spero Josh Baer Gallery, New York
1994 Nancy Spero : The First Language and The Black and the Red, Malmö Konsthall
Leon Golub and Nancy Spero: War and Memory, American Center, Paris
Inside the Visible, Nancy Spero, Kunststiching Kanaal Art Foundation, Kortrijk, Belgium
Nancy Spero/Leon Golub, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
1995 Notes in Time, Fine Arts Gallery, University of Maryland, Baltimore University, Catonsville
Nancy Spero, Barbara Gross Galerie, Munich
A Cycle in Time: Nancy Spero, Update : Leon Golub, Residenzgalerie, Salzburg
1996 Nancy Spero. The 1996 SGC Printmaker Emerita, 24th Annual Southern Graphics Council Conference, Paul Mesaros Gallery, College of Creative Arts, West Virginia University, Morgantown
Leon Golub and Nancy Spero, Hiroshima Prize Retrospective Exhibition, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Black and the Red III Sheela at Home, joint exhibition at P.P.O.W and Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
1998 Nancy Spero, IKON Gallery, Birmingham
2004 Nancy Spero, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela.
2005 Nancy Spero, Galerie Lelong, New York
2007 Autour d`Antonin Artaud, FRAC Haute-Normandie, Rouen
Black Paintings, Galerie Lelong, Paris
2008 Spero Speaks, de Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam
Museu d`Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Barcelona

Group Exhibitions

1977 Contemporary Issues, The Women's Building, Los Angeles
Words at Liberty, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Radical Attitudes to the Gallery, Art Net Ltd, London
Strong Work, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago University/College galleries of Utah/Houston
1978 Language: A Visual Experience, B.J. Spoke Gallery, Port Washington
Works of A.I.R Artists, Ginzo Kaigakan Gallery, Tokyo
University/College galleries of Omaha/New York
1979 Artists Draw, Artists Space, New York
Feministische Kunst Internationaal, Haague Gemeentemuseum The Hague & tour through Holland
University/College galleries of Chicago/New York/New
Mexico, New Jersey/Philadelphia
1980 Issue-Social Strategies by Women Artists, ICA, London
University/College galleries of Hartford/Ohio
1981 Transformations-Women in Art, 70's-80's, Coliseum, New York
Ikon/Logos-The Word as Image, The Alternative Museum, New York
Crimes of Compassion, Chrysler Museum, Virginia (catalogue)
University/College galleries of North Dakota, New York,
Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia
1982 Photographies d'Artistes, Galerie France Morin, Montreal
Luchar-An Exhibition for the People of Central America,
aller Latino Americano, New York
Sense and Sensibility, Nottingham (catalogue)
Sexuality in Art: Two Decades from a Feminist Perspective, Westbeth Gallery 1, New York
The Atomic Salon, Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York
University/College galleries of New York/New Jersey
1983 Falling, BABA's Downtown Gallery Centre, Brooklyn
What Artists Have to Say About Nuclear War, Nexus Gallery, Atlanta
The Revolutionary Power of Women's Laughter, Protetch-
McNeil Gallery, New York
State of The Art, The New Social Commentary, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York
Issues and Trends in Modern Art, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta
The End of the World: Contemporary Visions of the Apocolypse, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
University/College galleries of New York/New Jersey/
1984 1+1=2, Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, New York and touring
American Women Artists, Part II, Sydney Janis Gallery, New York
Art & Ideology, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York
Feminists toi-meme, Feministe grand meme !, La Chambre Blanche, Quebec
Strip Language, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London
Content: A Contemporary Focus 1974-1984, Hirshorn Museum
& Sculpture Garden, Washington DC
La Narrativa Internacional de Hoy, Museum Tamayo, Mexico
City & PS1, Long Island City
Tradition and Conflict, Studio Museum, Harlem
University/College galleries of New York/New Jersey/
1985 Kunst von Frauen, Museum des 20 Jahrhunderts, Vienna
3 Women Painters, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff
Nature and Revolution, P.P.O.W Gallery, New York
Americana, Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American
Art, New York
American/European Paintings and Sculpture, L.A.Louver
Gallery, Los Angeles
Nude, Naked, Stripped, List Visual Arts Centre MIT, Cambridge, Mass
The Other America, Royal Festival Hall, London
University/College galleries of Philadelphia/ Ohio
1986 Association de Mujeres del El Salvador, Montreal
Between Identity and Politics: A New Art, Gimpel Fils Gallery, London & New York
The Biennial of Sydney, Australia
Out of sight, out of mind, P.P.O.W, New York
Momento Mori, Centro Cultural/Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico
City (catalogue)
University/College galleries of Houston/New York/Vermont
1987 Anti-Baudrillard, White Columns, New York
American Policy, Cleveland State University, Ohio
Connections Projects/Conexus, Museum of Contemporary
Hispanic Art, New York
Stations, Centre International d'Art Contemporain de Montreal
The Castle, Dokumenta 8, Kassel
University/College galleries of Cleveland/Chicago
1988 Alive/Survive, Kamnagelgelande, Hamburg
Committed to Print, Museum of Modern Art, New York (catalogue)
The Social Club, Exit Art, New York
Een Keuze/A Choice, KunstRAI, Amsterdam (catalogue)
1989 Prospect '89, Schirn Kusthalle, Frankfurt (catalogue)
1990 Goya to Beijing, Centre International d'Art Contemporain, Montreal
A New Necessity: First Tyne International of Contemporary Art, Gateshead and Newcastle (catalogue)
T.S.W.A. - Four Cities Project, Derry, Northern Ireland
1991 El Sueno Imperativo, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
As seen by both sides (American and Vietnamese Artists Look at the War) Boston University Art Gallery
1993 Gone Beyond Gone Thread Waxing Space, New York
The Subject of Rape, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
From the Inside Out: Eight Contemporary Artists, The Jewish Museum, New York
1994 Dialogue with the Other, Kunsthallen Brandts Klaedefabrik, Denmark; Norrolngs Konstmuseum, Norway
Cloaca Maxima, Museum der Stadtenwässerung, Zurich
IK + Deander, Dignity for all: reflections on humanity, Stichting Artimo
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
camera obscura/obscura camera, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago
Impossible Evidence: Contemporary View of the Holocaust, Freedman Gallery, Center for the Arts.
Prints from Solo Impressions Inc, The College of Wooster Art Museum, Wooster
Athena and Arachne, Apex Art, New York
1995 Collage made in America, Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York
Prodigal Daughter, Rockford College Art Gallery, Rockford
After Auschwitz, Royal Festival Hall, London; Manchester City Art Gallery; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Edinburgh City Art Center, Northern Center for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
Civil Rights Now, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem
Feminin/Masculin-Le Sexe de l'Art, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
After Hiroshima-Message from Contemporary Art, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
International Drawing Triennal in Warshaw:Art as Thought, Art as Energy, Museum of Architecture, Warshaw
Drawn on the Museum, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefields
Art on Paper 1995, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, The University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Justice/Injustic: Art Against Death, Puffin Room, The Puffin Foundation, New York
Death Penalty, Loss of Conscience, Visual Arts Gallery, Purchase College, State University of New York
Risarcimento : Artisti contemporanei per gli Uffizi, Florence
Contemporary Drawing: exploring the Territory, Aspen Art Museum
Cultural Economi : Histories from the Alternative Arts Movement, NYC, The Drawing Center
21 : International Biennal of Graphic Art, Modern Gallery, Ljubljana
The Art of Justice: Part II, Krasdale Gallery, White Plains, New York
Sniper's Nest: Art That Has Lived with Lucy R. Lippard, Center for Curatorial Studies Museum, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
1996 Maureen Gallace, Anne Harris, Annette Lemieux, Joan Snyder, Nancy
Spero, Nielsen Gallery, Boston
Louise Bourgeois, Nancy Spero, Galerie Ursula WalbröL, Dusseldorf
Extension: Large Scale Drawings, Luise Ross Gallery, New York