Marion Scharmann

Carolina Redondo

06 Sep - 17 Oct 2014

© Carolina Redondo
Anti-gravity studies # 2, 2014
69 x 103 cm
edition of 3+1, photograph 40 x 60 cm, edition of 3+1
Unstable Forces of Mutual Attraction
6 September – 17 October 2014

The relation of body, space and image is a central element of Carolina Redondo’s (*1977) photography and video works, which explore performative acts and which are often presented in complex expansive installations. The heart of the exhibition »Unstable Forces of Mutual Attraction« is a photographic series, shot at Pucón in Chile – a very familiar place for the artist to which she has a strong attachment. In this series, as in almost all her works, Redondo herself is the protagonist, each time in different colored overalls. Like a colored brush stroke she blends into the surroundings and becomes a component of the image, landscape and human artefacts of our civilization. She transforms herself into part of the whole and its history. The body is treated like a sculpture and image that assimilated with the visible structures. Simultaneously Redondo focuses on the corporeality of the human body. The works visualize the gravity of this body; a body which is more and more fragile in our media world, where it looses its importance. Redondo takes her body to the limits, putting it into extreme and dangerous borderline situations.
Borders and the in-between are recurring subjects in the Chilean artists' works, who herself lives in-between two continents, in-between different cultures, in-between affiliation and alienation. As noted in the title, she analyzes the inner conflict of being attracted to two opposing poles and the interaction of opposites, like gravity and weightlessness, science and art, nature and culture, reality and fiction. Metaphorically her works stand for the search for one’s own identity, for one's place in the world, in society and in art, in the face of this instability.