Marion Scharmann

Christof John

19 Nov 2011 - 13 Jan 2012

© Christof John
Untitled, 2010
Oil and lacquer on canvas
25 x 30 cm
19 November, 2011 – 13 January, 2012

Christof John’s (* 1984) works with oil and lacquer on canvas or wood combine geometric abstraction with a gestural style. The opposites create a tension in midst of a quietude created by a distinct composition. The images are abstract, but also reveal spatial traces and fragments of objects. They consist of many layers translucently put on top of each other, extending the surface ostensibly into infinite space, drawing the viewer into the core of the image on a search for a deeper rooted meaning. John’s works immerse the viewer in atmospheres imbued with transcendentalism. Thus, they invite us to explore the pictorial statements as well as metaphysical spaces. The artist lives and works in Brunswick.

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