Marion Scharmann

Martina Sauter

26 Mar - 20 May 2011

© Martina Sauter
Treppenhaus, 2011
Double-layered photo collage, framed
30 x 44 cm
26 March - 20 May, 2011

In her third solo exhibition at Marion Scharmann, the Dusseldorf artist Martina Sauter (*1974) shows new photographic works. Like a leitmotif the interaction of film and photography as well as the reflection of reality and fiction runs through her entire work. Staging, suspense, montage, cut, and voyeurism also characterize her current work, which is especially captivating through the dramatic application of light and dark. Under the spotlight the objects emerge from the dark both seductive and uncanny. Stairs lead into nowhere, curtains veil, corners or ledges in the wall conceal, doors concede just a width of a slit of a glance into what lies behind, generating spaces full of suspense, which captivate our voyeuristic gaze. In another new work series it is the blank spaces that create this suspense and inspire the scene in the viewer's mind. The artist presents narrative works as well as abstract image compositions.

Tags: Martina Sauter