Marion Scharmann

Peggy Franck

14 Apr - 05 Jun 2012

© Peggy Franck
Read The Sky, 2012
Paint on wall
A cat had got up and left the room
14 April - 6 June 2012

Some pieces of wood, mirror and Plexiglass are leaning casually against the gallery wall, a couple of chairs are piled up and a lightbulb on a roll of cable is lying on the floor. At first sight this might look like a random grouping or as remnants from an action that took place in the past.
Together they form an arrangement of several works put together by Dutch artist Peggy Franck. While watching the artist at work in the gallery, we see her move the objects and materials intuitively towards an accurate standstill.
The objects and materials are touched in this same visceral way with paint, some with softer traces, and blushes of spraypaint, others more strongly with bright colored brushstrokes. In her recent work Peggy Franck focused on the painting that she used in her earlier works as mere parts of photographed arrangements and installations. Moreover aiming for spontaneity and directness but now on a single surface.
There are some brushstrokes painted on another empty gallery wall together forming the shape of a rainbow. Something that at first had arisen from a very unconscious gesture by Peggy Franck testing some paint on her studio wall. An element she now deliberately repeats from time to time in exhibition spaces.

The works titled »Reintroducing the familiar: soft yellow and blue«, are nothing more than painted lines on Plexiglass sticks. They nevertheless become sculptural, the sticks are partly clear, inviting light and reflection. The image changes depending on the position of the viewer; somehow ephemeral, what is present this moment, has gone the next.
The piece »Combinations and circumstances: Chairs (Thonet)« consists of three used Thonet chairs. While one of the chairs seems inviting, the others are put on top of each other and rather seem reserved. They give the impression that they could have been already present in the space. Next to the Thonet label that we see on the bottom of one chair sits a small drop of paint. What was already there and what has been put there by the artist?

On the opposite wall the work »A cat had got up and left the room« is hanging, a diptych, existing of a mirroring sheet of paper and an analogue photograph. The sheet is not a clear mirror and has some small dents, it transforms the reflected gallery space. The photograph »A cat had got up and left the room«, which gave the title to the exhibition, presents a corner of the artists studio; a variety of materials, of painted and unpainted wood, a canvas, some photographs printed on A4 sheets and a mirror in front of an unfinished wall. The photograph has frozen a moment in time, while the sheet of paper seems to be forever searching, comprising any possible image.

In this same way the artist constantly moves work around. The lightbulb »Unusual Patient (Asian)« which we see lying on the floor, has before been hanging from ceilings of exhibition spaces. A question arises: Will the cat still return to the room?

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