Rossella Biscotti

Rossella Biscotti
1978 born in Molfetta (ba), Italy
Lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Short listed Prix de Rome (NL)
Emerging talents Award, Strozzina Foundation (IT)
Nominated Mies van der Rohe Stipendium Krefeld (D)
Golden Cow (1st Prize), Gstaadfilm, Gstaad (CH) for the movie The sun shines in Kiev
The City of Geneva Grand Prize (1st Prize) at the 12th Biennial of Moving Images, Centre pour l’image contemporain, Geneva (CH) for the movie The sun shines in Kiev
Premio NY, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Italian Academy and the Columbia University in New York, NY (USA).

Solo Exhibitions

Le teste in oggetto, Nomas Foundation, Rome (IT)
The Undercover Man, Wilfried Lentz, Rotterdam (NL)
You have to be focused, prometeogallery by Ida Pisani, former church of San Matteo, Lucca (IT)
New Crossroads, Galleria Studio la Citta’, Verona (IT) ) (together with Kevin van Braak)
Everything is somehow related with..., Piccolo Museion (Cubo Garutti), Bolzano / Bozen (IT)
The sun shines in Kiev, Italian Academy at Columbia Univesity, New York, NY (USA)
Cities of Continuous lines, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam (NL) (together with Kevin van Braak)
L’Italia è una repubblica democratica fondata sul lavoro, Galerie Paolo Boselli, Brussels (BE)
Rossella Biscotti, Galleria T293, Napoli (IT)

Group Exhibitions

What is my name?, HISK, Gent (BE) curated by L. Bruni.
The experience of Atopia, Lokaal 01, Breda (NL) curated by D. Bedel.
Sarah’s Journey, section of the 7th Bulgarian Biennal of Contemporary Art, Varna, curated by L. Bruni.
Peripheral vision and collective body, Museion, Bolzano / Bozen (IT) curated by C. Dieserens.
Dai tempo al tempo, Palazzo Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene (IT) curated by P. Uran, F. Parry and J. del Pesco.
Cabinet of imagination, Netwerk, Aalst (BE) curated by L. Benedetti.
Interiors, Grusenmayer Art Gallery, Duerle (BE).
Architecture of survival, Sparwasse, Berlin (D) curated by Komplot.
Looking for the Border, Fondazione Stelline, Milan (IT) curated by R. Pinto and F. di Nardo.
Looking for the Border, De Garage, Mechelen / Cultuurcentrum Strombeek (BE) curated by L. Lambrecht and K. Leomans.
Nessuna Paura (No Fear), Center for contemporary art Luigi Pecci, Prato (IT).
The exhibition you deserve, Cultural Center, Zagreb (Croatia), curated by Komplot.
L’evento immobile, Museo d’Arte Nuoro, Nuoro (IT).
Geografie, Vianuova Arte Contemporanea, Florence (IT) curated by L. Bruni
On the edge of vision, Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta / National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi / National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai (India).
Sense and Sensitivity, TENT Rotterdam Center for the Arts, Rotterdam (NL)
Video_Report, Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Monfalcone (IT)
Video invitational, Viafarini, Milano (IT)
Beautiful nature, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Castel San Pietro Terme (IT) curated by Synapser
I costruttori: il corpo del lavoro 1906-2006, Castel Sismondo, Rimini / Palazzo Belmonte-Riso, Palermo (IT)
Il grande teatro del mediterraneo, Teatro Clitunno, Trevi (IT) curated by Trevi Flash Art Museum
Beograd nekad I sad, Prodajna Galerija, Belgrade (CS) curated by M. Stamenkovic and J. Van Woensel
Adam, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (NL)
Padiglione Italia-Out of Biennale, Trevi Flash Art Museum, Trevi (IT) selected by B. Pietromarchi
Honey money - Premio Masay Art Factory, Assab one, Milano (IT)
Conflitto e conflitti, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna (IT) curated by Synapser
Prototipi 03, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Roma (IT) curated by S. Chiodi and B. Pietromarchi


Site-specific projects
Piccolo Museion, Museion, Bolzano/Bozen (IT)
Pietro Pensa’s archive, Esino Lario (IT)
Museum de Paviljoens, Almere (NL)
New Crossroads, Cascoland / Public Eye, Cape town (South Africa)


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