Not For Sale

11 Feb - 16 Apr 2007

Christo, Package 1963
Fabric, twine, wire in painted wooden box
3 3/8 x 2 1/4 x 1 3/8"
Not For Sale
February 11 - April 16, 2007

Not for Sale presents unavailable works by some of the art market’s most sought-after talents—artworks that the artists refuse to sell, reserving them for their own collections. Although the choice of medium may vary, ranging from painting, drawing and photography to installation and sculpture, all the work on view is united by the meaning it has for the artists who made it and their desire to hold on to each piece, no matter what the bidding price. Whether big, as in Mark di Suvero’s large-scale steel sculpture in the courtyard, or small, as in Christo’s smallest package, all of these works are decidedly not for sale.

Artist List:
Janine Antoni
Jennifer Bartlett
John Baldessari
Chris Burden
Lynda Benglis
Janet Cardiff
Chuck Close
Mark di Suvero
Eric Fischl
Luis Gispert
Peter Halley
Tim Hawkinson
Jasper Johns
Alex Katz
Christopher Knowles
Jeff Koons
Louise Lawler
Glenn Ligon
Maya Lin
Shirin Neshat
Richard Nonas
Dennis Oppenheim
Richard Prince
Robert Rauschenberg
David Reed
Matthew Ritchie
Ed Ruscha
David Salle
Dana Schutz
Shahzia Sikander
Judith Shea
Stephen Shore
James Siena
Sarah Sze
Richard Tuttle
Lawrence Weiner
John Wesley
Fred Wilson
Robert Wilson

Not for Sale is organized by P.S.1 Director Alanna Heiss.

Tags: Janine Antoni, John Baldessari, Jennifer Bartlett, Lynda Benglis, Chris Burden, Janet Cardiff, Christo, Chuck Close, Eric Fischl, Luis Gispert, Peter Halley, Tim Hawkinson, C.T. Jasper, Jasper Johns, Alex Katz, Christopher Knowles, Jeff Koons, Louise Lawler, Glenn Ligon, Maya Lin, Shirin Neshat, Richard Nonas, Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Prince, Robert Rauschenberg, David Reed, Matthew Ritchie, Ed Ruscha, David Salle, Dana Schutz, Stephen Shore, James Siena, Shahzia Sikander, Mark di Suvero, Sarah Sze, Richard Tuttle, Lawrence Weiner, Fred Wilson, Robert Wilson