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Surface Cutting

Art Sales at the RA

07 Sep 2016 - 13 Feb 2017

Sara Lee,
Out One Early Morning, 2016.
Edition of 30, £425.
Woodcut. 30 x 45 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
Pine Feroda,
January Storm v.2, 2016.
Edition of 60, £2,250.
Woodcut. 97 x 136 cm. © Pine Feroda.
Hen Coleman,
Light, as Shadow /2, 2016.
Edition of 30, £595.
Woodcut. 46 x 46 cm. Hen Coleman 2016.
Tom Hammick,
Passes between Us, 2016.
Edition of 16, £2,000.
Woodcut. 100 x 80 cm. © Tom Hammick, c/o Flowers Gallery, Hammick Editions.
Eileen Cooper RA,
Diva, 2016.
Edition of 20, £3,250.
Linocut. 142 x 95 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
Vanessa Jackson RA,
Dwelling II, 2016.
Edition of 40, £600 (framed).
Woodcut. 40 x 28 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
Katsutoshi Yuasa,
Can Beauty Save The World?, 2015.
Edition of 10, £1,000.
Oil-based woodcut with pigment. 60 x 45 cm. Courtesy of Tag Fine Arts.
Isabel Rock,
The Origin of The World, Pink and Blue, 2016.
Edition of 10, £150.
Woodblock. 37 x 27 cm. Photo: Isabel Rock.
Grayson Perry RA,
03 from Six Snapshots of Julie, 2015.
Edition of 68, £4,800.
Woodcut with lithographic underlay. 72.5 x 48.5 cm. Paragon Contemporary Editions Ltd.
Nana Shiomi,
Tea and Tea Bowl, 2016.
Edition of 30, £300.
Woodcut with water based colours. 40 x 40 cm.
Art Sales at the RA
7 September 2016 — 13 February 2017

Eileen Cooper RA presents a diverse collection of works for sale by Royal Academicians including Grayson Perry, Eileen Cooper, Vanessa Jackson and Stephen Chambers alongside a number of invited artists.

Surface Cutting, the latest exhibition from Art Sales, curated by Eileen Cooper RA, celebrates the medium of wood and linocut, known as block printing. Works included in the exhibition have been made featuring a variety of block printing techniques including hand-printed traditional Japanese woodblock to laser cutting. The results are intriguing, and range from graphic, bold imagery through to intensely detailed and intimate artworks.

Artists on show include Eileen Cooper RA, Grayson Perry RA, Stephen Chambers RA, Vanessa Jackson RA, Michael Sandle RA, Martin Groß, Sara Lee, Declan Jenkins, Nana Shiomi, Pru Ainslie, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Pine Feroda, Isabel Rock, Hen Coleman, Mark Hampson, Jonathan Ashworth and Tom Hammick.

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