Sala Rekalde

Eduardo Gruber

16 Jul - 12 Oct 2015

16 July - 12 October 2015

Sala Rekalde is hosting the exhibition of the large-scale drawings by Eduardo Gruber Gamechogoicoechea (Santander, 1949). It seeks to show the importance of the personal concept that the artist constructs, as a spiral, by working against time and in his search for the utopian. In fact, the exhibition is entitled Utopia and rightly subtitled "The Drawing as a Personal Expression", a challenge stretching over years and defined by great intellectual intensity and an attitude close to conversation and dialogue.

Gruber frequently acknowledges that he notes details or thoughts on the surfaces and returns to them over and over again, in the midst of the process to produce the work and aware of turning the drawing into a space without limits or frontiers. The exhibition now in Bilbao features different series of drawings, including the most recent Acuarios [Aquariums] and Boxeo [Boxing] with some works on show for the first time.

Throughout his career, Eduardo Gruber, one of the most relevant Spanish artists of his generation, has cultivated a productive emotional universe from drawing, painting, engraving, etching and even sculpture. With a constantly evolving body of work, he has trodden many paths: figuration and hyperrealism, abstraction and informalism, also including raids into the territory of music, scenography, architecture, writing and photography.

The show in Bilbao comprises a selection of large format drawings, involving complex processes of execution, taken from different series and created over the last three decades. He also exhibits an ample and versatile block of intimate, rapidly executed drawings, entitled Cuadernos de viaje (1988-2004): inspired by stimuli from daily life they demonstrate a wide variety of skills.