Sala Rekalde

Zaloa Ipiña

Espacios Ópticos Expandidos

06 Jul - 04 Sep 2016

Espacios Ópticos Expandidos
6 July - 4 September 2016

In the Abstract Cabinet, Sala Rekalde presents the exhibition Espacios ópticos expandidos [Expanded optical spaces]by Zaloa Ipiña (Bilbao, 1986), included in the barriek 2016 programme whose aim is to display work by artists who have been awarded Grants for Artistic Creation by the Regional Council of Bizkaia.

In her work, space and light have become themes to treat, working on the visual representation in the shape of sculptures made of methacrylate and silk-screened acetates. This allows transparency to diffuse the space between the inside and outside of the piece.

Ipiña has constructed her Espacios ópticos expandidos [Expanded optical spaces] as the result of the model that she has made of her place of study and home. In her installation, each of the rooms of the house turns into a transparent body penetrated by light from the video, which loses its weight. It is positioned floating in the air, as if it had no direct relation with world.

All that binds it to reality are its calculated forms and measurements, as the detailed model it is. Light passes through it everywhere, in the sense that the video actually represents a light. Instead of a space captured between walls, Ipiña transforms it, by means of the light, into boundless space.


Graduated in Fine Arts from the UPV/EHU (2009) and obtained a Master’s in Contemporary Graphic Work at the CIEC Foundation in A Coruña. Currently a recipient of a collaboration grant from the BilbaoArte Foundation. She engaged in an artistic residency at the Centre d’art contemporani Piramidón in Barcelona (2015) and in another at BilbaoArte (2012), and won a Visual Arts scholarship from the Regional Council of Bizkaia in 2013-2014.

Notable among her latest individual shows are ITZALezinak at the Windsor Kulturgintza Gallery (Bilbao 2014), Argien ibilbidei jarraituz in Torre Ariz (Basauri 2013), and Abierto por vacaciones at the Michel Mejuto Gallery (Bilbao 2012). She also has forthcoming individual shows at the Hotel H10 Art Gallery in Barcelona (2016) and at the Portalea in Eibar, Gipuzkoa (2017).

Ipiña has participated in several collective exhibitions including 24 premi Telax at the Antoni Pinyol gallery in Reus, CALL 2015 at the A del Arte gallery in Zaragoza, 25 al quadrat at the Centre d’art contemporani Piramidón in Barcelona, Ertibil 2014 at Sala Rekalde Bilbao, Punto y raya festival 2009, 2011 and 2014 at the Centre Arts Santa Monica (Barcelona), Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid) and Reykjavik Center for Visual Music (Iceland), respectively.