Tatjana Pieters

Clive Hodgson / Michael Ross

23 Oct - 27 Nov 2016

Michael Ross
Clive Hodgson
Clive Hodgson started as an abstract painter, switched to figuration, then turned back to abstraction after his distaste for narrative and object-based painting grew. Now he makes paintings within which he takes up ideas about painting itself. His touch is light and compositions airy and loose. His forms and marks feel impulsive yet locked in by virtue of their gestural authority. His paintings privilege both their date of making and the artist’s name or signature as prominent and recurring motifs. Hodgson aligns the melancholic daily realities of On Kawara with a decidedly informal take on formalism reminiscent of the late Raoul De Keyser The mysterious terms in which a painting succeeds or fails (or both simultaneously) are themselves partly the object of the work’s investigations.

Clive Hodsgon is based in London and has exhibited his work extensively since the 1980s. Recent solo & duo exhibitions include: Clive Hodgson at Bruce Haines, London (UK), 2016, Clive Hodgson & Matthew Higgs, Wilkinson Gallery, London (UK), 2015, ; at White Columns, New York (US), 2014; and at Carlton Place, Glasgow (UK), 2012. His work was recently included in group exhibitions at Murray Guy, New York (US); The Approach, London (UK); Timothy Taylor Gallery, London (UK) and Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE).

Michael Ross is been called the pioneer of subversive small gesture. Michael Ross is one of those artists who have decided to leave the so-called ‘well trodden path’, to focus on domains of research and aspects of reality which are unconventional or often neglected. He belongs to that specific category of artists whose work is characterized by a peculiar intensity, an overwhelming forcefulness which does not express itself in monumental scale or enormous dimensions. What fascinates me in the work of Michael Ross, apart from its smallness of scale and its precision in his attention for detail, is the way in which he creates a microscopic view on things and objects surrounding him. He looks for ‘minimalist’ realities and develops his work according to these lines. The atom, the molecule, the chip: those are the elements which deserve his attention. His work is both poetic and ironic, it is ‘serious’, and yet it has a meditative quality. The intensity of his art might be compared to the sharpness of a needle, despite the very small surface, it has a poignant impact. It pricks you when you least expect it and that’s just what the viewer needs.

Michael Ross is based in New York. Recent solo & duo exhibitions include: Michael Ross, Selected Works 1991 – 2015, Ellis King, Dublin (IE), 2016, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, New York (US), 2006, Lobby project, Swiss Institute, New York (US), 2002, FRAC Bourgogne, Dijon, (FR), 2001.
His work was recently included in group exhibitions at Ellis King, Dublin (IE), Cabinet d’Amis: The Accidental Collection of Jan Hoet, curated by Katerina Gregos, Hôtel de la Poste, Brussels (BE), Possible Collection, Honolulu, Zurich, (CH), Ungenau, een selectie uit collectie van het S.M.A.K. (hommage aan Jan Hoet), de Halle, Markt 1, Geel (BE).

Tags: Matthew Higgs, Clive Hodgson, Jan Hoet, On Kawara, Raoul De Keyser, Al Taylor