Tatjana Pieters

Core of Bambi / DOLLY BING BING

ft. Stef Kamil Carlens, Wannes Cré & Neoza Goffin

29 Jan - 06 Mar 2022

(c) Wannes Cré
DOLLY BING BING is the alter ego of Belgium-Brazil based Elisabeth Van Dam (Belgium, 1986) and is known as Belgium’s only ‘glamourous alien popstar’. DOLLY calls herself a ‘cybersexual fantasy’, a ‘futurist Disney punker’, a soft-core performance artist and a ‘post-apocalyptic Gesamtkunstwerk’. Apart from her flamboyant appearance in the international popscene she is also a doctor of philosophy and a dedicated visual artist, with a main focus on sculpture and its ancient craft. DOLLY looks at herself and her life as a work of art and shapes her own body as a living sculpture. Her artworks are therefore deeply connected to her experience
of that body. They are handmade, starting from clay, and are very raw, while their glossy finish gives them something of alien bodies. The unique sculptures are characterized by their notions of glamour, high tech and futurism.
DOLLY mixes ancient imagination rooted in the history of art, philosophy and literature with dark and cartoonesk imagery inspired by the subversive depths of the internet. The common thread running through all facets of DOLLY’s life is the play with sexuality, gender, body culture and feminism.
Part of her practice is the collaboration with other makers and artists. For her show at the gallery she has invited Wannes Cré to present a series of portraits they made together.
DOLLY appeared as herself in the highly praised and by Het Theaterfestival nominated opera production ‘A Revue’ by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and Opera Vlaanderen. As a popartist she released her debut EP Angelbyte and three internationally acclaimed singles with music video: ‘Eat Me’, ‘Kusje’ and ‘Readiness’.