Tatjana Pieters


instagram works 2020-2021

29 Oct - 05 Dec 2021

Olga Fedorova
Clean Heart (2), 2021
print on canvas
120 x 150 cm
The work of Olga Fedorova is as visually complex as it is seductive. She works at the intersection of photography, painting, digital imaging and installations. Using three-dimensional software Fedorova creates forms that resemble ready-made models and inserts them into spaces and landscapes typified by their aseptic, clinical sterility and detached, impersonal ambience. The images of Fedorova, with their surreal, dystopian presentation, evoke uneasy, dreamlike states that feel both familiar and alien, comforting and disturbing.

With the solo show INSTANT OBLIVION, Olga Fedorova approaches the world of digital art - which is almost always accompanied by the idea that technology is the future and the future of technology is digital art - as a digital wasteland of endless overproduction, where obscenity becomes not debunked, exposed or disclosed, let alone questioned. It is in this world that Olga Fedorova operates: a playground with an endless source of inspiration that feeds images of monstrous look-alikes.

In her work, Olga Fedorova emphasizes, magnifies and twists our new (digital) reality to the extreme, through images that evoke wild laughter - because we know they laugh at us more than we could ever laugh at ourselves. Each work is a look at what makes us complicit in our own dehumanization, a grin at our own perversion and our hatred for all that remains unexplained and mysterious, ultimately revealing our ever-growing mediocrity.

The show also features work of Nikita Panin (RU, 1989) and Ruslan Vyaltsev (RU, 1994).

Olga Fedorova (RU, 1980) lives and works in Brussels. Her work and projects have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums across Europe. Most recently, she had solo & duo exhibitions at Tatjana Pieters, Ghent (BE) with Joachim Coucke, Watermans Arts Centre, London (UK), Ojartspace, Istanbul (TU), Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare BA (IT), Art4museum Moscow (RU) and Annka Kultys Gallery, London (UK). She has participated in group shows at Mudel, Deinze (BE), Safari studio, Kortrijk (BE), Biënnale van België, Floraliënhal Ghent (BE), Electromuseum, Moscow (RU) and Future gallery, Berlin (DE). Fedorova’s video works have been included in virtual exhibitions such as The Wrong Biennale, DaDa Club Online and Felt Zine. Her work can also be found on the crypto currency bidding platform Foundation.