Tatjana Pieters

Into the point (vibration) / JULIA SPINOLA / Room 2

15 May - 20 Jun 2011

The Spanish artist Julia Spínola (who lives and works in Madrid) creates little intense-concentrated and fragile collage-drawings with pencil, oilpaint and tape on paper, hovering between abstraction and figuration.
Abstraction is rather relational and sexy in the sense of Julia Spínola. The precision and the subtility how she attunes the collages to the painted / drawn parts is quite remarcable and very precise always hovering between collage and drawing, abstraction and figuration, line and colour, balance and intensity. Using pre-established elements like paper, a very limited range of colours and photograph cuttings lying about around the paper on the table, Spínola creates almost elementary, intimite works.

Tags: Julia Spínola