Tatjana Pieters

ODE / Ria Bosman

23 Jan - 28 Feb 2021

Ria Bosman (BE, 1956) graduated from St. Lucas Ghent in 1979. Over 40 years, a rich body of work has developed in which color and form are central. She investigates the effect of colors on colors, refined shapes, their proportions and the differences in light and it’s effect on color surfaces. The monumental hand-woven tapestries made from natural flax, for which Bosman is best known, serve as a canvas for examining color tonality and their mutual relationships. They have been applied layer upon layer with great care, creating a radiant depth in which you as a spectator can disappear and time seems to stand still. They have a universal power reminiscent of Paul Klee and his peers.
The series of small works have the same goal. They evoke a feeling of ecstasy and silence, contemplation and balance. They are built per layer on often surprising carriers that work with the larger whole.

This second solo exhibition in our gallery is an "ODE" to the past year in which the titles refer to, among other things, the pandemic, the card game the artist played with her deceased father, ...

Ria Bosman had solo exhibitions at Linea'81 Ghent, Gallery Avantgrade Antwerp (BE), Villa des Roses Ghent (BE), Huize Sint-Jacobus Ghent (BE), Het oog Middelkerke, Centrum Netwerk Aalst, In den Bouw Kalken, Gallery C. De Vos Aalst, De Zevende Stad Damme, De Stroming Berlare, Gallery Jan Colle Ghent, Gallery De Ziener Asse, Posthotel Wetteren, Huize Bonaventura, Sophie Van Assche and Domenico Tomei Ghent and various group shows in Belgium and abroad. Her work can be found in various private collections throughout Europe.