Tatjana Pieters

Philippe Van Snick / Re-volve (works from 1969 – 2000)

15 May - 20 Jun 2011

Re-volve (works from 1969 – 2000) / PHILIPPE VAN SNICK / Room 1

Philippe Van Snick (1946, BE)
(lives & works in Brussels) is considered a key figure in the Belgian art scene. In 2010 he presented a comprehensive overview of his work in Museum M in Leuven (Be), accompagnied by an extensive catalogue that underlines the importance of his oeuvre. Well known themes of Philippe Van Snick are the day-night pattern, symbolized in the colors blue and black. Van Snick limits the use of color to the ten-color palette of red, yellow and blue (as main colors), orange, green and violet (as secondary colors), gold and silver (as colors with physical value) and black and white (as non-colors).
His work is part of private collections as well as museum collections. Just recently Mu.Zee in Oostende bought a series of his paintings from 2004 (Perspectieven I,II,II & IV). In 2011 Van Snick has a show in a.o. Barcelona, La Case in Casteljoux and Lot et Garonne.

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