Tatjana Pieters

Prolific / Ilke Cop

29 Jan - 06 Mar 2022

Ilke Cop, Prolific I, 2021
Taking on questions surrounding the position of ‘the female’ and the role of women as people, artists and historical agents, Ilke Cop’s practice creates a fictional universe where the laws and causal relationships that shape our society no longer apply. Traditional techniques of oil painting are embraced to venture into a new visual language of conceptually layered images. Let your innate desire for beauty, seduction and narrative guide your eye.
The artist contrasts this limited vision of womanhood with the great attention to technique she applies to the art works and the conceptualisation of the show. She forces her person and her artistic process to take center stage : a clear attempt to break through the patriarchal structure.
In her work, Cop embraces both traditional oil painting techniques and art history to form a new visual language, rich with conceptual layers. The question on the position of ‘the female’ is always at the core of her practice.