Tatjana Pieters

Room 2: Now The Serpent Was More Subtle / Guilmot Coussement

02 Apr - 08 May 2011

courtesy of the artist and Galerie Tatjana Pieters
This exhibition presents a first series of drawings-collages resulting from the collaboration between Belgian artists Nathalie Guilmot and Yves Coussement. Guilmot is currently artist in residence at Wiels in Brussels. Coussement just had his first presentation in New York during the contemporary video art fair Moving Image.

Nathalie guilmot (1971, BE) combines sculpture and drawing, reflecting on the inner and outer structures created by continually evolving cultural and social boundaries. The game between the intuitive and mathematical logic is manifested in an abstract formal language that is both organic and rigid.

Yves Coussement (1978, BE) works with a variety of media, using the city as a territory of research and experiment to investigate his personal status quo in relation to that of a public one. The specific conditions of an urban structure generate elements that are the starting point for a reflection on ‘subliminal stimuli’ of daily phenomena in society. He transforms found objects and urban traces into new entities with multiple meanings, interacting with his environment like a poet uses language.

Tags: Yves Coussement