Taxter & Spengemann

tHe FinaL rUn iNs

31 May - 30 Jul 2007

"tHe FinaL rUn iNs"

Ben Brantley, Nathan Carter and Matthew Ronay are The Final Run Ins, an irregular hardcore band comprised of mischievous malcontents searching for that highly elusive element of fun in an increasingly unfun art world. Known for disturbing conservative bird brained ninnies worldwide and for their peculiar stage sets inspired by an obscure German Memphis design collective, the Louisville Kentucky prank scene, and the shadowy backroom of the Hong Kong restaurant, this Summer they continue their adventure by performing a very special show (or shows?) at Taxter & Spengemann. Large to small-scale collage images and unique miscellany also on view.

Tags: Nathan Carter, Matthew Ronay