Thomas Schulte

Fabian Marcaccio

30 Sep - 10 Dec 2005

Fabian Marcaccio
September 30-November 5, 2005

On Thursday, September 29, Galerie Thomas Schulte will hold an opening reception from 7 pm to 9pm for Fabian Marcaccio’s first individual exhibition in Berlin. The artist will be present.

Fabian Marcaccio (born 1963 in Rosario de Santa Fe, Argentina) lives and works in New York City. His work has been honored with numerous exhibitions around the world. In Germany, Marcaccio has made a name for himself above all with his very impressive installations at Kölnischer Kunstverein and Stuttgart’s Württembergischer Kunstverein, as well as his participation at the last Documenta. Since June of this year, Museum Moderner Kunst Frankfurt has also been showing his room-sized work Predator.

The subject of these works, which Marcaccio calls Paintants, is a questioning, expansion, and radicalization of painterly visual worlds and indeed the concept of painterly representation in itself. To this end, from the beginning of his career he had engaged in extreme approaches and changes to the pictorial support in its autonomy, dividing, segmenting, re-casting it into the three-dimensional, or using gigantic formats, sometimes filling an entire landscape. The representations on the support then seem like a current of constantly fluctuating images and scenes from all conceivable media surrounding us, depicted and alienated with a large number of materials, stretching from standard acrylic paint to computer graphics, silicone, various plastics, and pliable canvas. In so doing, the motifs are worked on and depicted in a seemingly random fashion, repeatedly reproduced and altered, resulting in visual structures that are interwoven across many layers.

U.N - Paintant continues this technique. Here, Marcaccio completely dissected an image into its individual elements, and copied these components as in a sewing pattern. He then cut these out, modeled it in three dimensions, thus constructing an original spatial environment. This results in a "quasi-sculptural paintant" that stretches across the rooms of the gallery, revealing numerous layers of representation that can be experienced simultaneously.

© Fabian Marcaccio
U.N-Paintant, 2005
Print on structural canvas, silicon, wood, metal
280 x 550 x 470 cm

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