Thomas Schulte

Hermann Pitz "Die Kunst der letzten dreißig Jahre"

11 Sep - 23 Oct 2010

Die Kunst der letzten dreißig Jahre
Courtesy: Hermann Pitz and Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin
On Friday September 10th between 7 and 9 pm the gallery will meet the new season with a show by Mark Francis and Hermann Pitz.

Corresponding with the new works by Mark Francis, the gallery will also be displaying two installations by Hermann Pitz. The title of Pitz's exhibition "Die Kunst der letzten dreißig Jahre" or "The Art of the Last Thirty Years" was derived from Max Sauerlandt's 1933 reading at the University of Hamburg.

The opening will coincide with the newly established Berlin Gallery District; an association of over 50 galleries and five major museums located around Checkpoint Charlie.

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