Thomas Schulte

Idris Khan / Rhythms

30 Apr - 25 Jun 2016

Idris Khan, Tumble, 2016 / stamped glass, aluminium / detail / 156 x 140 x 18 cm / 61 1/2 x 55 x 7 / Courtesy Galerie Thomas Schulte
In his third solo exhibition at Galerie Thomas Schulte, Idris Khan will show a new large sculpture, and several paintings on glass, aluminium and paper. Khan’s latest works are characterised by materially and constructively superimposing layers of text through a process of repeatedly layering the surface with painted lines of language and numbers. In a new work called 'Rhythms 2' (2016) Khan will display 27 oil stick paintings on sheet music. Here, the notation has been blocked out leaving the natural breaks on the page. As a group it takes on a minimal presentation creating a rhythm of shifting lines across the gallery wall. This exhibition reflects the artist’s interest in philosophy, art history, music and the importance of scripture in relation to cultural memory informed from a wide range of authors, including a.o. Jacques Monod, Barnett Newman and Paul Celan.

Tags: Idris Khan, Barnett Newman