Thomas Schulte

The Matter in Harmony

14 Jul - 15 Sep 2018

Angela de la Cruz / "T Piece", 2005 / two wooden wardrobes / 240 x 161 x 68 cm / (c) Angela de la Cruz
On July 13 Galerie Thomas Schulte will open the group exhibition "The Matter in Harmony" with works by Richard Deacon, Angela de la Cruz, Julian Irlinger, Idris Khan, Jonathan Lasker, Fabian Marcaccio, Allan McCollum, Michael Müller, and a large wall drawing by Albrecht Schnider in the Corner Space. Furthermore, as part of the group exhibition, the artist Jonas Weichsel will present a new work, before returning in September for the first solo presentation of his abstract paintings at the gallery. "The Matter in Harmony" will be on view until September 15 with a short summer break from 13 to 25 August.

Tags: Angela de la Cruz, Richard Deacon, Julian Irlinger, Idris Khan, Jonathan Lasker, Allan McCollum, Michael Müller, Albrecht Schnider, Jonas Weichsel