Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth

11 Jun - 18 Sep 2011

Exhibition view
Curated by Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano
11 June - 18 September, 2011

The exhibition presents a complete biographic overview of the work of Richard Buckminster Fuller, from the trailblazing Dymaxion House to his famous geodesic domes. It was compiled for Ivorypress Art + Books by Lord Norman Foster, with whom Fuller worked closely in the last 12 years of his life, and architect Luis Fernández-Galiano, Professor at Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. The works featured, which include photographs, films, drawings, sketches, structures, and models (e.g. the spectacular reconstruction of his futuristic Dymaxion Car #4), represent key moments in Buckminster Fuller’s life and work. His synthesis of architecture, design and art, visionary spatial concepts and technological innovations is absolutely unique.

Tags: Buckminster Fuller, R. Buckminster Fuller