Perceptions of Time and Contemporary Design

10 Sep - 06 Nov 2011

10 September – 6 November, 2011

Shining golden over-dimensional household objects mounted on plinths like so many radiant icons, a chrono-shredder meticulously shredding not paper documents but the passage of human life, a leather clad human skeleton strumming an e-guitar, china crockery sporting the traces of its usage as ornamental decoration – the spectrum of design objects in the “Perceptions of Time and Contemporary Design” exhibition ranges from annotated timepieces and critical reflections on consumer culture to explorations of the canon of representations of time in painting (vanitas and human mortality) and contemporary themes such as vintage, retro and sustainability.
The exhibition takes a humorous and critical look at a theme that is ever present beneath the surface of our everyday lives. Contemporary design appears as a multifaceted medium equally skilled at negotiating a number of different arenas – postmodern consumer culture and art, seduction and self-referential presentation.

Yves Behar, Natalia Brilli, Nacho Carbonell, Michel Charlot, Oscar Diaz, Delphine Frey, Front / Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken, Anna Lindgren mit Thokozani Sibisi und Loholile Ximba, Martí Guixé, Studio Gorm / Wonhee Jeong und John Arndt, Susanna Hertrich, Studio Job / Job Smeets und Nynke Tynagel, Joris Laarman, Via Lewandowsky, Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny, Alexa Lixfeld, Thomas Lommée, Maison Martin Margiela, Jo Meesters, Sander Mulder, Shinichiro Ogata, Wieki Somers, Unplug Design Studio / Hwang Kyung Chan, Jin Song Kyou, Lee Hak Su, Han Min Hyun und Jun Jin, Bas van der Veer, Anders Wilhelmson, Samuel Wilkinson, Bethan Laura Wood

Tags: Ma Han, Ou Jin, Joris Laarman, Via Lewandowsky