Württembergischer Kunstverein

Alexander Kluge

Opera: The Temple of Seriousness

14 Mar - 26 Apr 2020

Alexander Kluge, Nachtflug / Volo di notte, Night Flight / Volo di notte. Futuristische Oper von Luigi dalla Piccola, Filmmontage, Filmstill, 2019
Alexander Kluge, Atopic Cinema, Filmmontage 2019, mit „Kino“ von Katharina Grosse, Filmstill, 2020
Alexander Kluge, Ballonfahrt, Druck auf Aluminium, 2020
Alexander Kluge, Scheuklappe für Artilleristen, Filmstill, 2019
Alexander Kluge, Wiesel mit Fledermaus. Zeichnung von Grandville, Druck auf Holz, 2020
Opera: The Temple of Seriousness
14 March – 26 April 2020

Kunstgebäude Stuttgart, Kuppelsaal

In 2017, the Württembergischer Kunstverein dedicated a major solo exhibition to the writer, filmmaker, and theorist Alexander Kluge. Music already played a central role at that time, an aspect that will be further intensified with the new project, a series of exhibitions taking place simultaneously at three different locations: Stuttgart, Ulm and Halberstadt. The question is raised as to the role of the opera, created (at the latest) in the seventeenth century, as today‘s “temple of seriousness“ (Kluge): as a place where seriousness, grief and joy are expressed and losses can be mourned appropriately. The exhibition in the Kuppelsaal of the Kunstgebäude Stuttgart is an overall presentation that combines a nine-part video installation with fragments of a stage design by Anna Viebrock and other elements. Katharina Grosse will also show a specially developed, atomically small “cinema“. An excerpt from László Moholy-Nagys life as a cannoneer will be accompanied by drawings by the young Stuttgart artist Ivan Syrov.

Various events pick up on the artistic dialogues within the exhibition and connect them with the State Opera Stuttgart, which is located in the direct neighborhood.