Extra City

Goldfish Suddenly Dead

03 Apr - 03 May 2009

XYZ (Athens) presents the group exhibition entitled Goldfish Suddenly Dead, at Extra City Centre for Contemporary Art, Antwerp.

Goldfish Suddenly Dead is a short story about loss: actual, remembered or projected. Yet, death itself – the definitive loss – is neither exalted in this exhibition as a figure nor revered as an icon, but rather humbly present as an unviewed, unspoken rhythm.

This exhibition is interested in loss and absence as a private, absolutely personal process of facing the inevitabilities of demise; a constant, ongoing fact of life, a life that is composed of small yet crushing realisations – like the child who walks full of anticipation into the bedroom to find its goldfish, having twisted and writhed on the floor for hours in its keeper’s absence, lying in a small puddle, suddenly dead.

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