Gropius Bau

Everything Is Just for a While

70 years of Berliner Festspiele

28 May - 17 Oct 2021

Previously little-known video footage from our own, public and private collections are boldly edited together in ‘Everything Is Just for a While’ to mark the Berliner Festspiele’s 70th birthday and offer a new perspective on artistic positions from around the world that continue to amaze us today.

A laboratory and an experiment, a seismograph of the zeitgeist, an exhibition space and a debating society, radical art and workshops for young people, fireworks and sporting events, weeks of African art, urban planning and new writing, an Institute of Advanced Studies and a celebratory water-borne procession and a recurrent platform for the international art scene – over the last 70 years the Berliner Festspiele have been all of these things. In their birthday year, ‘Everything Is Just for a While’ presents a compilation of previously little-known film footage, a hall of mirrors of memories. These video installations will be framed by infographics that give the history and identity of the Berliner Festpiele visual form.