Gropius Bau

Sundays for Hong Kong II

Films about a ruptured city

15 Mar - 26 Apr 2020

„Many Undulating Things“ (Filmstill)
Our cinematic action “Sundays for Hong Kong” continues! It unfolds some of the multiple layered backgrounds in the culture, history and reality of the former British Crown colony, through the screening of emblematic documentaries and feature films by exceptional film-makers and producers from the legendary film city of Hong Kong.

Mass protests in Hong Kong have continued for more than eight months now. In the meantime, the street protests are shifting to the digital sphere. This January, Moody’s rating agency has once more downgraded Hong Kong’s ratings on grounds of the continuing unrests. Not only Hong Kong’s economic future remains unclear – and highly disputed – the same goes for the city’s political and cultural future.

What has made the situation in which Hong Kong finds itself so unique? What does the predicament in Hong Kong tell the rest of the world? What are similarities and differences with regards to freedom struggles in other parts in the world? This film series is an opportunity to learn about the city, its dynamics and its inhabitants, and to understand why Hong Kong is a portent of many of the challenges contemporary democracies are facing today.