Gropius Bau


Héctor Zamora

09 Nov 2019

Héctor Zamora, Ruptura, 2017

Photo: Blaise Adilon, courtesy: Biennale de Lyon
Héctor Zamora’s "Zeitgeist" is a commissioned one-off performance on the date of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, involving hundreds of individuals forming a line through the Gropius to explore structures of division.

Images of lines of people are abundant in our collective memories. They range from people queuing up for a concert to the policing of individuals at high security checkpoints. Héctor Zamora’s performance "Zeitgeist" takes these lines as both a conceptual and formal starting point. Hundreds of individuals form a line that extends from the main entrance of the Gropius Bau, cuts across the atrium, continues through the eastern staircase, and loops back to the main entrance of the exhibition Walking Through Walls. The performers, thereby, create a human wall, which visitors have to walk through in order to be able to access certain parts of the building. Zamora’s piece utilizes the bodies of the performers as building blocks in an action that evokes structures of division.

For this performance the Gropius Bau is seeking 250 participants.

Registration for the open call on the website.