Tatjana Pieters

JUMANJI / Soft Focus Institute at TATJANA PIETERS

31 Jan - 03 Apr 2016

Exhibition view, photography: Mayz.be
On January 31 SFI will be inaugurated with JUMANJI, a spiritually challenging and interactive exhibition. Its title refers to the eponymous film and is the name of a game ‘for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind’. The artists in JUMANJI open up unconventional ways of thinking about nature, mysticism and shamanism, exploring different aspects of the psychology and inherent conflicts between our rational and instinctive self. Each artist, in their own way, pushes contemporary conditions to extremes, envisioning potential realities that we may one day face. Out of a concern for social and personal health the exhibition questions the effects of magic, religion and spirituality on the sustainability of our society.

JUMANJI is an exhibition that evokes energy among people and tries to lead them to a general reflection on consciousness. Through the installation the beholder explores his or her own spirituality. The exhibition will be completed by a program of performances, film presentations, public talks and a simple open kitchen.