Tatjana Pieters

Voltaire's Advice / Hans Vandekerckhove

19 Sep - 25 Oct 2020

Hans Vandekerckhove, The Great Glasshouse, oil on canvas, 170 x 170 cm, unique
The past year, Hans Vandekerckhove has been working on a new series of paintings, mentally called ‘Voltaire’s Advice’? In his eponymous, ecological fairy tale, after travelling the world, Candice decides that we could better maintain our own garden: il faut vultiver notre jardin.
Everyone can give their own meaning to the saying. Vanderkerckhove wants to re-enchant the world through his paintings. Creating a paradise-like world with colour and shape in which looking at things leads to a connection with the origin. Looking at the world as if you were seeing something for the first time. Discover the beauty in every small place, look for the mystery that is hiding at every fleeting moment. Due to slowing down our way of living throughout the Corona crisis, we had the opportunity to rediscover the here and now: our living room, the light in the painting studio, red and orange, the most paradise colours, green, brown and blue, the most natural colours. .

The recent paintings are thematically about the former inner world (his father's greenhouse, his mother's veranda), the former outer world (Virginia Woolf's Monks House in Kent and Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage in Dungeness), the contemporary inner world (inner garden and living space on the Blekersdijk with self-portraits and Conversation Pieces of his children Laura and Artuur and with wife Christina), the current outside world (British landscape walks and the discovery of Norman Foster's Great Glasshouse).