Thomas Schulte

Matt Mullican: Red, Yellow, Green, In Time

06 Jul - 31 Aug 2019

Matt Mullican,
Untitled, 2006
797 x 682 cm | 313 4/5 x 268 1/2 in
Over the summer, Galerie Thomas Schulte will be presenting the installation "Red, Yellow, Green, In Time" by US-American artist Matt Mullican. In an effort to categorize and order the world and how it is perceived, Mullican developed a subjective cosmology that translates it into colors and pictograms. In this system he differentiates between five existential realms of perception and cognitions: that of the objective (green), the everyday world (blue), the arts (yellow), abstract signs (black), and subjectivity (red). Three of Mullican's monumental Banners will be shown in the gallery's Corner Space in succession throughout the show, announcing their symbolic message into the urban space.